Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nice to Meet You


This is the official launch of what will be the best investment (well we think so at least) that you'll make as you plan your wedding. 

Hiring a day-of coordinator isn't one of the first steps on your list of things to check off - and that's ok.  We understand that in the grandness that is your "planning binder" you don't have a tab labeled "Day Of Coordinator Responsibilities." That's ok too. The good news is that we don't get a tab...and we shouldn't be your first priority. The better news is that's because we take care of the whole binder and our feelings aren't hurt when you contact us 90, 60 or in some cases 30 days from your wedding date in a panic..."Who's going to make sure the sweets table has the 350 black and white cookies my mom's best friend dropped off at our hotel this morning?" "Where are the beer koozies my fiance ordered for the trolley? And who makes sure they get ON the trolley?" "Shoot...I forgot to put my lip gloss on before walking down the aisle...hold on while I run back..." And that's where we'll stop you. All of those questions and a million more surrounding all the details you've planned out for your big day are taken care of - with our help!

Take your time, plan away...we'll be here when you need us. And then we'll grab a cup of coffee and chat about how we can help. Talk to you soon!

Kendra & Greta